Let’s take a look some of the top innovative and sustainable startups focused on energy, zero waste, climate change and other inspirational initiatives.

BRICKIFY (Recycling Plastic into Sustainable Materials)

The startup Brickify recycles plastic waste into bricks that are resistant to water, fire, and heat. Therefore, the bricks can be used for both the construction of roads and low-cost housing. In addition, the bricks work like legos and interlock with one another thereby requiring no additional materials for the construction phase. Eventually, it is possible to make the construction process more affordable than the usual practices.

GOODBAG (Prevent Single-Use
Waste, Plant Trees and Collect
 Out of the Ocean)

Think outside the bag with Goodbag! Imagine a reusable and smart bag, letting you plant trees, collect plastic waste out of oceans and receive exclusive discounts every time you bring your own bag. In addition, this bag has a sewn-in NFC chip rewarding users every time they use the bag. Simply download the goodbag app, purchase a goodbag and start scanning it whenever you shop.

MADE OF AIR (Innovative & Sustainable Materials)

Made of Air is a carbon negative materials company. The startup takes low value wood waste transforming it into high value, carbon negative thermoplastics. Similarly, it is a sustainable alternative for use in construction, interiors, furniture, and more. Lastly, it removes more CO2 from the air than it emits, creates a surplus of usable heat and electric energy becoming transformable and industry ready.

FUERGY (Renewable Energy)

Imagine clean energy with a mission to turn household renewable energy sharing into a reality. For example, Fuergy reinvents how people utilize and share electric energy accelerating the transition to sustainable renewables. Their goal is to make renewable energy an affordable alternative. Most importantly, reducing fossil fuels helping to slow down climate change.

FACEDRIVE (Reducing the Footprint)

The next generation ride-share company offering sustainable transportation and reducing the footprint on the environment is here. Imagine a ride-share system contributing to planting a tree while you ride, letting you choose what kind of ecological footprint you want to leave behind. The Toronto based company Facedrive is like Uber, offering green alternatives such as EV, a hybrid, or even a conventional car. Even if you choose conventional, you are still making a green choice because the CO2 is being offset.

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