We are continually learning about the unfortunate environmental crisis our world is facing today.  From climate change and devastating forest fires, fading resources and extinction of animals, companies are building environmental impact into their business models. In addition, our world could face major global hunger levels, collapse of financial markets and endless other social and environmental disaster. We are facing a true crisis.

Business leaders today are rethinking ways to focus on purpose. Executives know that environmental impact should be integral in how they manage business practices from internal sustainability initiatives such as limiting travel, eliminating plastic and beyond. Currently, business leaders are seeing an increasing focus on climate and environmental sustainability from stakeholders.

As the world has recently been hit with Covid-19 and shutdowns, businesses are realizing that there is an alternative to helping save our environment. Virtual business has been demanded and companies are finding ways to reimagine models working from home offices. A clear picture has been painted allowing business leaders to clearly see the overall changes towards environmental impact from reducing plastic, paper, lowering greenhouse emissions, electricity and transportation emissions from limiting daily transportation to offices.

Millennials and Gen Zs are focused on business that supports doing their part to reduce environmental impact. With major strikes for climate action and scientists that are demanding politicians to prioritize on climate issues, companies are realizing the values for the next generation of business. Companies that are not paying attention to the motivation from the millennial and Get Zs, will see a true impact on their bottom lines. The businesses that step up will see a big difference. Several companies are taking great initiatives and working towards inspirational ways to drive environmental impact.

Here is what some companies are doing…

Apple’s $848M energy deal with a solar farm allowed the company to power all operations with renewabile energy. They also committed to getting 100% of paper packaging from sustainable sources to protect the worlds forests.

New Belgium Brewing Company in Colorado has built solar panels to help lower the bottling plant, provides company issued bicycles to help employees around the 50 acre brewery.

Walmart reduces sale of products with dangerous chemicals and supports organic food industry creating more demand and sales for organic farmers.

Ikea invest 1B in sustainability efforts from renewable energy to power its office and stores and has implemented sustainable manufacturing.

Allstate has implemented many ways to reduce their environmental footprint. From lowering emissions consolidating office space, using energy efficient equipment to reduce waste to aiming toward going paperless, created filling stations to reduce the use of disposable bottles to turning cafeteria food waste into compost.

These are just a few of the companies owning up, driving change and taking greater steps towards environmental impact for our planet and society.


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