Our Responsibility

Thinking About the Future

We are building an ecosystem of resources & products centered-around responsibility. Our community of makers, suppliers, services, organizations and products support one or more of the following standards: eco-friendly, artisan, fair labor, humane treatment and locally made.  Our network of trusted, credible and certified companies and products support protecting our environment and ethical practices worldwide.

Sustainability is a broad term and it is difficult to make change. Our criteria of standards and certifications help to identify companies that support the environment, social welfare, animal rights, locally made and hand-crafted creation, so you can make educated choices as you source and shop.

As mothers of 3 beautiful daughters, we often consider the world they will live in and what that might be like. We believe we all have a responsibility to do our part to help pass on a planet to future generations that is better than the one we have. One that is clean, diverse and rich with resources. Imagine a space, centered around responsibility. A place, where everyone can be inspired, learn and connect to everything better. This is Ecospire.

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