What values are implicit in our motto Natural Thinking? Sometimes it is as simple as stopping to become aware of your inner voice. And when you have the feeling that what you do is well done, nothing more is needed commented our CEO Santi Mallorqui in an interview with Slow Fashion next.

Natural thinking is about the attitude with which we face each of the actions that our company undertakes.

1. The use of natural & pure material. Grown agroecologically and without GMO.

2. The use of no chemicals or dyes in any of the fiber transformation steps.

3. The fair remuneration to each member who participates in the different fiber transformation processes. With emphasis on the farmer, as the weakest actor.

4. The selection of suppliers related to our same sustainability values.

5. The final creation of a pure product suitable for any type of skin. Specially designed to offer maximum comfort to the end user as well as protect their health. 

Thus, the concept of Natural Thinking encompasses all facets of our activity. It is in total opposition to #greenwashing. This trend, which has been on everyone’s lips lately, comes from companies that carry out specific actions in favor of sustainability in order to make their corporate image turn towards sustainability, but without changing their business model; They present capsule collections with sustainable fabrics but the volume of their production is conventional, they continue to produce thousands of garments in collections that take place every 15 days, little or no transparency about the countries in which they produce, … Natural Thinking VS Green Washing…which one do you choose? Your choices matter, don’t underestimate them!


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