We at Fairsew believe it is possible to be a garment manufacturer that is transparent, that gives good service and that looks after its people. Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Fairsew is a full service garment manufacturing business that:

  1. Treats its employees fairly by providing them with a safe working environment, offers benefits well above the minimum levels for garment workers in Cambodia and gives staff opportunities for further learning and development
  2. Deals fairly with its clients through open and clear communication and commitment to transparency in supply chain for the purchasers of their products
  3. Is fair to the environment by minimizing wastage, using recycled fabrics where possible and avoids the use of toxic materials

At Fairsew we employ our staff from a range of backgrounds, some of whom have been through NGO vocational skills training programs.

Happy staff means better garments and a more genial workplace. By paying more than the garment factory minimum wage and by offering greater benefits and training programs, our employees experience greater stability and work life balance in their lives.

Fairsew also places great importance on the health and safety of our employees and so we have set up our workshops to be safe and healthy places to work. We constantly review our standards to identify further improvements that can be made.

Fairsew offers you the opportunity to know more about how, where and by whom your products are made so you can better communicate this with your own clients.

To place an order please send us an email to info@fairsew.com.