DyeCoo is the world’s first supplier of water and chemical free dyeing technology. Its revolutionary CO₂-based dyeing process makes dyeing sustainable, efficient and profitable. Dyeing textile has always used water-based technologies. No matter how sophisticated those technologies have become, the fact remains: a lot of water is used and polluted. Fresh water is a precious resource, its supply is limited and dwindling fast. If you’re finding it hard to imagine how big the impact of dyeing on the environment really is, just keep the following statistic in mind: in 2014, the textile industry was responsible for 20% of all global water pollution. There is, however, a silver lining to that large number looming over our planet’s future. Imagine what kind of global effect a technological break-through in textile could have. The bigger the problem, the bigger the impact of a smart, creative solution. That’s what drives the ambitions and innovations at DyeCoo. DyeCoo, a Dutch based company, imagined a better way to do (dye) things and then, passionately, set to work to develop a scalable technology that changes everything. The technology uses reclaimed CO₂ as dyeing medium in a closed loop beam dyeing system – recycling 95% of the used CO₂ after each batch. The technology is currently focused on dyeing polyesters. CO₂-based technology has already been embraced by A-list brands, governments and designers. And with good reason. Why wouldn’t you want to reduce costs and increase sustainability? It’s not just about being more responsible; it’s about a game-changing technology creating better results across the board. The patented CO₂-dyeing by DyeCoo uses less energy, less dye, less time, no processing chemicals and zero water. Reducing operating costs by 45%. Even the end product is better thanks to more evenly distributed dye with intense, vibrant colors as a result. DyeCoo technology is lean. DyeCoo technology is clean. DyeCoo needs to become the standard in textile dyeing across the globe.

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