Small business is having to seek creative and inspirational ways to grow their business, stay in business, pay their employees and keep their doors open for the future. Today’s business must shift and find new innovative ways to keep business moving forward.

Now is the time to become an inspiration to the world of consumers. While some some companies are finding great ways to contribute, others are finding innovative ways to shift their business models. Some companies are having to completely rethink their models to keep their doors open.

It would only make sense that the tech companies help fund smaller start-ups and small business to keep innovation and growth for economy moving in the right direction. Whether through advertising credits, helping cover operational costs or giving back to local communities these companies are making a difference during these unprecedented times. In order to keep innovation on the forefront, some companies are helping by giving back.

Google has been a great inspiration by offering $340M in advertising grants for small and medium businesses. Companies receive a credit that will be added automatically to their Google Ads accounts.

GoFundMe has partnered with Quickbooks, Yelp, Godaddy and offering a $500 micro grant if companies raise at least $500 on GoFundMe.

TikTok Back-to-Business Program is offering 100M USD in ad credits to help small businesses restart their business. This will help you stay in touch with your customers and help you build unique brand awareness to set you apart from your competition.

FaceBook’s social network donated 100M to 30K small global businesses. Their program helped keep workforce going strong, pay operational costs, connect with customers and support business community.

Amazon shared a 5M Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund to local Seatle businesses.

Bumble is providing $5K grants to 200 struggling small business across 11 countries.

Yelp provides $25M in Covid relief for independent restaurant and nightlife businesses helping with advertising fees, free advertising and service.

Apple, Facebook, Salesforce, IBM have donated large quantities of N-95 masks to local hospitals.

Although our educational system has been hit hard during this time, some companies have scrambled to help give back using inspirational ways to keep children engaged through digital models.

Logitech has launched a program for k-12 teachers to gain access to free webcams and headsets.

Audible offers hundreds of free titles for children & students.

Zoom has gifted free use of their service for all schools

Hospitals & health care workers have have needed large donations in order to keep operations running smoothly. From mattresses, protective equipment, masks, food, shelter, self-care and beyond, companies have been a great support.

Serta is donating 10K mattresses to New York City hospitals

Harbor Freight Tools is donating all their protective equipment to hospitals with 24-hour emergency rooms where their stores are located.

Allbirds has donated 500K worth of shoes to healthcare workers

Crocs is donating 10K pairs of shoes each day to support health care workers.

Headspace now offers free services to health care workers to find ways to meditate while dealing with the stresses of Covid-19.

Starbucks have provided free tall hot or iced coffee to all healthcare professionals, police officers, firefighters & paramedics.

Some companies are getting clever with give back or simply reimagine their models for future growth. Companies such as Bacardi & Tito’s have learned that they can produce alcohol for purposes beyond consumption. They have produced large quantities of hand sanitizer.  Large cannibis makers are repurposing hash supply chains for hand sanitizer. There are cannabis farmers that donate pest control gowns to hospitals in need and some shops that have run food drives to keep America fed.

Care By Design donated 5000 hand sanitizer tubes to Bay Area Hospitals and police departments. They converted a portion of their manufacturing facility and production capacity to package up COVID-killing Gel.

Beyond giving back, CannaCraft took the planet into consideration by repurposing unused topicals packaging, industrial bottle-filling machines, and label makers to mass-produce the needed supplies.

Consumers are looking to support innovation while we are a world in crisis. It is encouraging to see inspirational companies today that are finding ways to give back to the world, keep business doors open and help drive a better tomorrow for society and our planet.


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