Humane Treatment

Protecting the Welfare of Animals

Many companies and consumers are seeking a better understanding of the treatment of animals in the supply chain. As there is more transparency in the handling of animals used for raw material sourcing,  there is a greater need for standards and programs that ensure humane treatment. Industries in the spotlight lately include wool and down. Many companies and organizations are coming together to build better raw material supply chains that take into account the welfare of animals they need for the products they manufacture.

Animal Welfare Supply Chain Resources


Wool and down industries are tackling issues related to the humane treatment of animals. Here you can find more information about these initiatives, standards and certifications.

Industry Initiatives

Material Certifications

• Responsible Wool Standard

• RSD – Responsible Down Standard
• IWTO – International Wool Textile Organization
• National Wool Declaration by AWEX (non-mulesed wool)

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