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The MG Surfline mission is to inspire a happy, active, healthy and sustainable way of life by creating quality, stylish and functional swimwear and active wear made in an environmentally and ethically conscious way, while putting into action solutions to our environmental problems. 

We make high quality swim and active wear from recycled plastic bottles that could otherwise end up in our oceans.  For this first eco-collection we will have repurposed over 20,208 bottles, and we hope to see this number increase each year.  

Plastic bottles labeled with the #1 on the bottom are the same chemistry make-up as polyester.  Recycled plastic bottles are ground into flakes, the flakes are transformed into fiber or thread and that thread is used to knit our polyester fabrics. 


Plastic makes up about 90% of all the trash floating in the ocean and it doesn’t biodegrade. As time goes on, more and more plastic gets produced and it ends up in our oceans. We aspire to be a part of the solution.

Our goal is to set up a program to collect and recycle discarded plastic bottles, keep them out of the ocean and use them to create high value products. We organize beach clean ups, support recycling programs, donate our time to grassroots environmental groups, and give back to our local communities.


Imagine discarded plastic bottles as a resource to be captured and re-used in a circular manner. By up-cycling plastic bottles we can help to keep plastic out of landfills, the ocean and our environment.  Furthermore, recycling and reusing plastic offsets the need to produce new raw materials.  

We use 100% recycled polyester, certified Repreve®, in ALL our waterwear goods, which is both soft and durable.  We believe in giving you more value in each piece, so most of our styles are reversible, giving you 2 in 1 and allowing you to mix and match within our collection.


We focus on function, comfort and style, creating beautiful pieces from simple to high performance designs.  Our quality soft material provides the comfort you need to stay out on the water as long as you want.  Plus the versatility of our products allows you to enjoy them on and off the water. 


We are proud to make all our waterwear from start to finish in the USA, reducing our carbon footprint while supporting local and national businesses and helping our economy grow.

Our family owned workshop where all our pieces are carefully handmade and sewn with love is in sunny South Florida. We believe in a responsible manufacturing process, having a personal relationship with our hard working team, knowing where and how every piece is made and giving back is important to us.  We choose to only work with manufacturers that provide full time jobs with fair wages and benefits.  


We also use recycled plastic and recycled paper for all our packaging from EcoEnclose.  We strive to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout every process.


MG Surfline
Author: MG Surfline


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