Fair Labor Practices

Ethical Working Conditions & Human Rights Protection

Global supply chains are filled with complex challenges. Assuring fair labor practices and the protection of human rights requires collaboration and communication at all levels of the supply chain. Tackling issues such as child labor, human trafficking and fair wage often requires collaboration between companies, non-profits, local governments and suppliers. Whether you are looking to make or buy certified Fair Trade products, or if you are seeking suppliers and companies implementing programs to improve working conditions, everything is here at Ecospire.

Fair Labor Supply Chain Resources

Moving the entire industry beyond sweatshops and toward sustainability is now a global effort. There are a lot of organizations that have come together to establish globally accepted labor standards and tackle some of the most critical industry challenges. Whether you are seeking certification or looking for strategy to manage and monitor social compliance in your supply chain, Ecospire has resources that can help.

Fair labor supply chain resources