Environmental Impact of Materials & Production

Companies can take multiple approaches when creating eco-friendly products. The products and companies featured here at Ecospire are at different stages of this journey and have taken different approaches depending on the needs and values of their customers, corporate goals, and unique supplier relationships.

No matter what your eco-friendly priorities are at Ecospire, you can find the resources that you need to source, manufacture or purchase eco-friendly products.

Eco-Friendly Supply Chain & Products

Material: The use of materials that require fewer natural resources and chemicals during processing and production.

Design: Product design accounts for minimizing waste from production through disposal. At end-of-life, product is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable or can be up-cycled.

Production: Managing production processes to reduce negative impact on the environment where the product is made. (Examples: energy conservation and reduction of carbon footprint)

Monitoring: Performance of suppliers is monitored to track environmental impact and benchmarks are set for incremental improvements.

Eco-Friendly Supply Chain Resources

There are a lot of resources available to companies and suppliers as they work toward more eco-friendly practices and produce more eco-friendly products. You can find more resources below depending on your unique needs.

Eco friendly supply chain resources