Ecoenclose brings eco-friendly & sustainable innovation and solutions to packaging supplies. Moreover, we develop our products with as much recycled content as possible. Most importantly, we make sure that our products are recycled into new packaging in its next life. 


Did you know that recycled packaging requires much less resources and energy than virgin packaging. Firstly, it gives new life to materials that would otherwise be wasting away in the landfill. Secondly, we make recycled packaging a norm. Thirdly, we strengthen the overall market for recycling, helping motivate companies to invest in recycling and recycled products. Lastly, we continually craft new sustainable solutions taking pride as an industry leader in sustainable packaging.

Plastic is most definitely a nonrenewable resource. We categorize plastic as “poor” when it comes to renewable, sustainably grown material. Similarly, producing plastic in this way actually “captures” ethane instead of having it burned and released into the atmosphere. 

Most paper comes from trees, though occasionally from materials like straw or hemp. Trees are renewable, which is “good.” However, renewable isn’t a great thing if the paper comes from global deforestation – one of the major contributors to climate change and loss of wildlife habitat.

Bioplastics come from plants, including corn, sugar cane and algae. Likewise, growing crops to make bioplastics comes with the usual environmental impacts of intensive agriculture. Including, greenhouse emissions from the petroleum needed to fuel farm machinery, and water pollution caused by runoff from land where fertilizers are used in industrial quantities. 


We focus on building a product line of packaging made with as much recycled content as possible. Moreover, we see this as the number one way to support eco friendly strategies and business practices. 

We make efforts to carry diverse packaging solutions that span both recycled paper and recycled plastic. However, not including bioplastics given that recycled bioplastics have not yet emerged.

Firstly, we advise our customers to ship smaller packages made from 100% recycled poly mailers. Secondly, we direct our customers to our 100% recycled rigid mailers if you are sending photos or prints. Thirdly, we are direct customers to a 100% recycled custom shipping box if shipping multiple items. Lastly, if you ship to a place where absolutely no one recycles, we encourage you to consider our plastic options. These are are more stable and take up less room in landfills than paper.


Did you know that the most eco-friendly water-based or soy-based inks available today utilize pigments made with oil or petroleum. Furthermore, inks utilizing algae cells for pigments, make it safer and cleaner and more compatible with the recycling and composting process. We offer black Algae InkTM developed by Living Ink Technologies for printing on all your paper-based packaging and marketing materials.

Our ultimate goal of sustainability is for humans to exist in ways that strengthen and regenerate the planet for all future generations. Sustainability is therefore not simple. It can’t just be boiled down to end-of-life or where materials end up once they are consumed. Contact us to learn more about innovative sustainable packaging solutions for your business today!

Author: EcoEnclose


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