Retailers struggle to survive pandemic impacts that are crushing their industries.  Most importantly, those who survive will emerge as game changers.  As a result, brands are forced to rethink physical stores and supply chains to meet consumer digital needs.  Digitization has transformed travel, music and books.  Meanwhile, Amazon continues to dominate with over 50% of it’s share of e-commence.  Consumer demand has been pressing for a new way to shop for years.  In response, Technology continues to adapt and quench this thirst for digital everything.  The global pandemic has not created this change.  However,  it has accelerated the timeline of what was to already on its way.

Next Generation Shopping

Millennial and Generation Z shoppers have proven their preference to shopping online versus walking into a brick-and-mortar store.  Furthermore, customized support from virtual agent and smart phone technology keeps evolving to keep up with consumer demands.   Together, this next generation consumer and emerging technologies are molding a new future of shopping.  Moreover, this trend could leave brick-and-mortar store fronts only a memory by 2025.  A lens into our future reveals a new tomorrow.  Imagine transparent supply chains that are efficiently managed by automation,  airborne fulfillment warehouses & drone delivery

Can Retailers Keep Up?

Change brings opportunity and today’s technology provides retailers a new roadmap towards the future.  This evolution brings younger consumers the most immersive, interactive and convenient shopping experience.  In short, it is time for retailers who want to remain in business for years to come to step up and meet the needs of the next generation consumer.  This younger generation expects the latest technology to streamline their experience from shopping products to making a purchase, shipping and delivery.  In conclusion, welcome to the the next generation of shopping.

Angela at Ecospire
Author: Angela at Ecospire

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