Millions of Americans could soon lose jobs, face evictions and not be able to feed their families this holiday. It is sad to fathom that in such a prosperous country, so many people may starve. There are 17 million children out of 50 million people who may face hunger due the pandemic. Is this fair?

With the pandemic shutdown, families and communities were compromised in the blink of the eye with no way to prepare for what they are facing. Overnight unemployment is surging with the major reduction in supermarket donations to food banks due to food hoarding and supply chain issues.


There is a glimpse of hope that has given several Americans a meal this holiday season. The actor and billionaire Tyler Perry has donated boxes full of food supplies for the holiday to those in need, along with gift cards to 5000 families in need.

The GIANT Company has donated 10,000 turkeys this Thanksgiving, making a record donation for this annual holiday season tradition. In a time when so many people are in need, “Every family should be able to celebrate the season gathered around a table, sharing a meal and making lasting memories,” said Nicholas Bertram, president, The GIANT Company. “

Walmart & Ibotta App have partnered with companies such as Butterball, Campbell’s, Coca Cola to offer a Thanksgiving Dinner for those families in need and take the financial burden away offering a traditional holiday meal. In order to get this free Thanksgiving meal, download the Ibotta App and click on Free Thanksgiving Dinner. Ibotta, which has its headquarters in Denver, is a free app that provides cash back rewards at “more than 1,500 leading brands and retail partners,”


The goal is for people and companies to step up to the plate alongside government programs.The hope is that the food supply chain has changed the game during COVID and will be able to accommodate future needs during challenging times.

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