Trends show that companies with social & environmental purpose attract younger generations.  As they enter the work force, they will seek more meaning in their daily jobs.  In return, they will work for mission driven brands who are driving real social and environmental impact.  This innovative and tech savvy generation will be the game changers for companies they work for. So, make purpose part of your mission & culture.  As a result, your company will benefit from attracting the next generation of professionals.  Most importantly, you will help create much needed change for future generations.  Register at Ecospire to share ways your company is creating meaningful impact.


All business depends on the natural resources our planet provides.  However, it is business that continues to deplete our earth by wrecking havoc on our environment.  Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated how a crisis can damage our world and the bottom line.  We all know that a life altering environmental crisis is coming. It will be bigger than any we have ever seen and have a direct impact on life as we know it.  The pandemic is a wake up call for companies who have not started to pivot towards sustainability.  So, every company on earth needs to rethink their business and find ways to minimize negative environmental impact.  If you meed some inspiration, just check out what these eco-friendly companies are doing.  In conclusion, your children and grand children depend on your company making change now.


Social presence is making a pivot towards transparency.  2021 will bring much needed change to the “smoke & mirror” world of social media. There will be less curation from social experts. Companies need take people behind the scenes.  For example, imagine meeting a maker for a garment you purchase. Or, you could tour a farm go live to see factory workers.  Start having authentic conversations with your customers and you will build a trusted brand.

Angela at Ecospire
Author: Angela at Ecospire

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