Every company should adapt to business trends coming in 2021. It is necessary to take steps now so your business survives the changes and challenges ahead.  Let’s take a quick look at some upcoming trends that your company needs to be aware of.  These are sure to keep you in the game so you don’t get left behind in 2021 and beyond.


Working from home might be here to stay.  In fact, some companies found their business was more productive when people worked from home.  In addition, there can be a big cost savings.  This is forcing companies to rethink their business model.  Is an office really needed at all?  On the other hand, some brands are not thriving with a work at home model.  For example, Levis sales are down.  Apparently, people prefer stretchy comfort when working from their sofa.  Take some time to determine if remote or in office is better for your company.


Your company’s data allows you to understand your customer and make better decisions.  If your not tracking then you are going to lose the game.  Cloud solutions are emerging fast and allow people access to data from anywhere.  So, companies need to protect it like any other valuable asset.  Going forward, data literacy will be the name of the game.  In short, this translates to being able to understand this information.  Therefore,  you can make great decisions for your business.  That means you need to invest into systems that effectively store, process & analyze your data in the most efficient way.


It is time to rethink what you are offering your customer.  Actually. many companies find that customer needs are shifting.   Your business needs to adapt towards this pivot.  For example, Costco is offering delivery to your front door.  This a great solution for consumers by making their shopping experience safe and convenient.  Furthermore,  it also creates a new revenue stream for the wholesale giant.   Take time to review your business model for 2021.


In 2021, companies will begin to evaluate people’s value in their organization.  Overtime, people will be replaced with automation.  This trend is coming to vehicles, delivery, warehouse, supply chain and beyond.   Soon, we will see robotics move into medicine, dentistry and perhaps even law.  Every professional sector will begin to see automation become the new normal.


People no longer shop stores like they used to.  Therefore, companies have to rethink new ways to interact with customers.  Virtual interface will bridge the gap.  Certainly, this will be a game changer for both business and consumers.  Imagine being able to try before you buy from the convenience of your home.  Business services will be transformed by virtual interface in our future.

Angela at Ecospire
Author: Angela at Ecospire

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