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Sets Out to Inspire the World

The Beginning

Our Founder Story – During a hike through the San Juan Mountains, we had a conversation about developing a product line but then we thought… the world doesnʼt need more product, the system needs help. If we could mesh our two passions of sustainable products & ethical practices, we envisioned the perfect partnership and a lifelong journey we could be passionate about. Ecospire was born.

Ecospire enables business to be a force for good to drive social & environmental impact.  A place to connect to trusted solutions, learn impact stories and discover how business can engage in change.  Ecospire is the first eco-platform of it’s kind bringing together suppliers, brands & organizations to pioneer the next generation of responsible business.  Ecospire has big plans to change the world by connecting one company at a time to a supply chain that drives social & environmental impact.

Meet the Founders

Angela Sherrill
Founding Partner

As a founding partner at Ecospire, Angela has a unique decade of experience in apparel merchandising and design for large, small, domestic and international brands. Angela brings to the company a grounded approach to building strong relationships with all levels of management and creative teams. She began her career inside the competitive world of Nike and expanded her experience both in product lines and working globally. In addition to seasonal product line development, she has managed and designed the “niche” sport product for the U.S. Olympic Ski, Snowboard and the U.S. whitewater kayak teams.

Her years in global product management and design revealed her skill at being able to collaborate across the borders for different brands in the U.S., Canada, and Italy. Angela is an accomplished professional with cross-cultural/functional management and engagement with internal departments, creatives, global teams, vendors, agencies, organizations, and brands. Angela’s has a B.A. in Biology at the University of Kansas with an emphasis in Environmental Science. Her love and passion for the great outdoors fuels her deep understanding and connection to nature. Angela has a strong passion for transforming the throw away consumerism of today into the sustainable and ethical world of tomorrow. While living in a world of increasing populations and fading clean natural resources, Angela understands this is more than a job. It’s a mission and a movement, one she plans to connect around the planet through ecospire.

Jenny Ballou
Founding Partner

As a founding partner at ecospire, Jenny Ballou brings her diverse and creative design background as a sustainable and ethical fashion designer. Graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Jenny obtained her M.F.A. in Fashion Design, focusing on sustainability.At Spyder in Boulder, Colorado she realized her place in the fashion industry. Her mission is to promote the use of certified organic and sustainable materials, while honing in on ethical practices to inspire and connect every person involved in the process and product.

For the past fifteen years, Jenny has worked as both an on-site and freelance graphic and apparel designer. Having moved from the big city of Chicago to a small and quaint community in Durango, CO, she obtained her B.A. in Fine Art at Fort Lewis College with an emphasis in Environmental Studies. Jenny’s design philosophy stems from her passion towards culture, traveling and love for nature. Her innovative and creative talent in digital textile design, graphic design, fashion design, bring a variety of skill and assets to ecospire. Her impassioned focus on sustainability clearly set her apart from others in the creative industry. Her “can-do” attitude, strong work ethic and collaboration with clients and colleagues has contributed to her success and talents as a designer.

Our Responsibility

We are building an ecosystem of resources & products centered-around responsibility. Our community of makers, suppliers, services, organizations and products support one or more of the following standards: eco-friendly, artisan, fair labor, humane treatment and locally made.  Our network of trusted, credible and certified companies and products support protecting our environment and ethical practices worldwide.

Sustainability is a broad term and it is difficult to make change. Our criteria of standards and certifications help to identify companies that support the environment, social welfare, animal rights, locally made and hand-crafted creation, so you can make educated choices as you source and shop.

As mothers of 3 beautiful daughters, we often consider the world they will live in and what that might be like. We believe we all have a responsibility to do our part to help pass on a planet to future generations that is better than the one we have. One that is clean, diverse and rich with resources. Imagine a space, centered around responsibility. A place, where everyone can be inspired, learn and connect to everything better.

This is Ecospire.

©[2020] Ecospire


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