Imagine an intuitive overlay on a smartphone that maps a physical store.  This could allow the customer to explore and choose items without the need of a sales staff.  This fluid and safe shopping experience takes place with an app where products are chosen, payed for and scheduled for home delivery.  This could only be a few years away.

Today’s business leaders manage new challenges while determining their digital strategies. Professionals can improve business outcomes by adapting and using the changing environment to their advantage and leverage off disruption.

5G and augmented reality (AR)  are the perfect technology marriage to transform the retail shopping experience.  Many retailers are moving operations toward e-commerce but still plan to have a brick-and-morter storefront.  5G enables retailers to win customers over by providing them with a safe shopping experience that offers optimal personalization.

Next Generation Business Model

This power combo in the making combines 5G network fused with virtual reality(VR) and AR tool plus artificial intelligence (AI) dishing up predictive technology.  Future shoppers will be offered suggestions about additional items for purchase available on their mobile devices leading to intuitive and responsive advertising. The birth of a new business model is presented in this immersive retail experience powered by 5G.

AR would allow shoppers to examine products in detail remotely and virtually in 3D.  While at home, they would explore products in depth before making a purchase.  This is a prime opportunity for retailers to distinguish and reinvent their brands while providing customers with the best shopping experience available today.

Consumer behavior trends are accelerating with no end in sight since the COVID crisis.  Consumers from many generations are moving towards shopping through online channels for safety, health concerns and convenience.  This could be the new normal.

Warehouse & Delivery

5G could also emerge in warehouse and inventory control through innovations like automated autonomous trucks and robotic shelf-picking to assemble shipments for delivery in the future.  There is a cost saving if delivery drones are adopted by the retail industry.

In the future, multi spectrum 5G network would be required to span nationwide for correct delivery locations and also to prevent collisions between people, vehicles and drones.

5G Retail Boost

Research shoes that AR and VR product visualizations trends are only a few years away and by 2024 drones could be making deliveries to your front door.

The COVID pandemic appears to be speeding up the timeline and consumer expectations in realtime.  As traditional shopping fades away, 5G powered browsing and buying will soon be at our fingertips and likely emerge as the new normal.

Angela at Ecospire
Author: Angela at Ecospire

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