The Beginning

Our Founder Story – During a hike through the mountains, we had a conversation about developing a product line and then we thought… the world doesnʼt need more clothing, the system needs help. If we could mesh our two passions of sustainable apparel & ethical practices, we envisioned the perfect partnership and a lifelong journey we could be passionate about. ecospire was born.


Where We Are Today

Brands today are under pressure to incorporate sustainable practices into product making. Companies are hampered in their sustainability efforts because they lack information and resources to develop cost effective approaches.

ecospire is stepping in to fill the gap. Connecting brands to sustainable resources, ecospire is a community of trusted and credible suppliers, designers, organizations, consultants, educators, and beyond. A place to be inspired to create better products, while learning best practices and connecting with other like minded business professionals.

Ecologically inspired,
Jenny & Angela

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